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You know having a field program is critical to your brand’s success. You also know running a field program requires a ton of bandwidth and resources.

That’s where we can help.  

Rishi is your on-demand field team.

Whether we’re running the whole program or supplementing your in-house team, we have the staff, expertise, and experience needed to launch and scale your field program. 

We exist to create the human connection between your brand, the budtenders that sell your products, and the real customers who buy them. 

Why Choose Us?

15,000+ successful demos and staff trainings

40,000+ hours spent on the dispensary floor

300,000+ direct customer interactions

1.6+ million field observations collected

Roots In The Culture, Expertise In The Industry.

What happens when you combine expertise in strategy, operations, field marketing, retail services, data analysis, advertising, and marketing research with a life-long passion for cannabis?

You get Rishi.


Local Experts Where You Need Them, When You Need Them.

Rishi is a vast network of expert Ambassadors covering the entire state.

Our Ambassadors are passionate, knowledgeable cannabis enthusiasts who are tapped into the local culture, connected to local dispensaries, and are focused on helping brands succeed by connecting them to the retail floor.


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Services Tailored to Your Brand's Unique Needs

You know how critical a field program is to your success. You also know that running a field program is an expensive, complex headache.

Recruiting and training Field Leads and BAs, managing schedules and communication, dealing with turnover, creating feedback loops, measuring performance… It’s expensive and a lot to manage.

Rishi is your on-demand field team.

Whether we’re running the whole program or supplementing your in-house team, we have the staff, expertise, and experience needed to launch and scale your field program, wherever your products are.

When you partner with Rishi, the size of your team is no longer a limit on the size of your ambitions.

Experiential Demos

Vendors days, PADs, CADs, activations, demos… whatever you call them, they’re a polarizing subject. And for good reason – most of them suck.

Done correctly, however, demos are one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. They’re an opportunity to interact directly with the people that actually buy and use your products. They’re also an opportunity to further educate the people that sell your products.

We’ve run 15,000+ in-store demos, and have collected over 1.6 million observations from the retail floor. We have this down to a science.


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Retail Staff Training

 Selling is hard, staying on the shelf is even harder. Staying on the shelf means driving sell-through, and budtenders drive sales (a revelation, we know 😉).


A dry lecture or boring online deck won’t cut it, and bribing only goes so far. You have to strike the right balance between engagement, sales enablement, and communicating the soul of the brand. That’s how you create a lasting impression.


Our staff trainers understand the perspective of the budtender, because many have been budtenders themselves. They know how to keep your brand top of mind with budtenders.


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Merchandising Campaign Execution

You invest heavily in retail assets and spend time and resources planning campaigns. Now you have to execute, sometimes in hundreds of shops, each with different processes. Super easy, right?


Our merchandising network ensures that your campaigns are executed well and on-time. We know how to work with dispensaries to setup assets and ensure brand compliance. We provide quick feedback loops to your team, giving you the insights you need to actually measure results.


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Marketing Research and Custom Data Collection

Data-driven insights are crucial to competing in any industry, but more so in cannabis. Whether it’s qualitative consumer feedback, competitive intelligence, retail intelligence or secret shopping – we’ve got you covered.


We’re data nerds. Our custom data collection platform and well trained staff allows us to quickly and efficiently gather the brand- and store-specific insights you need. Even our competitors will tell you that our data is a cut above the rest.


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Strategic Consulting and In-house Team Training

Want to keep your program in-house? We can still help. We’ve developed a proprietary training curriculum that covers everything from cannabis science and sales techniques to managing shop relationships and navigating field issues.


We can also help you build out your team, setup a software stack to manage and schedule events, and guide the development of KPIs to track your team’s performance.


Having spent more than 40,000 hours on the retail floor, we also have the data and insights to help guide your strategy, hit your program objectives, and maximize ROI.

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